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HEPA Filter (High Efficiency Particulate)

type : VEA1001n

Pre Filter

type : VEA1002n

Exhaust System for Laminar Air Flow (Vertical)

type : VEA1003A

Laminar Air Flow (Vertical) With S.S. Work Bench

type : VEA1003n

Laminar Flow with Glass Bead Sterlizer

type : VEA1004n

Laminar Air Flow IVF (In Vitro Fertilization Workstation)

type : VEA1005n

Laminar Air Flow (Horizontal) With S.S. Work Bench With Micropressor Control & Alarm

type : VEA1006n

Laminar Air Flow (Horizontal) Complete S.S

type : VEA1007n

Laminar Air Flow (Horizontal) Mild Steel With CRCA Sheet

type : VEA1008n

Biosafe Cabinet (Wooden)

type : VEA1009n

Steriflow Portable Laminar Air Flow

type : VEA1010n

Biosafe Cabinet (Mild Steel)

type : VEA1011n

Biosafe Cabinet NSF Certified

type : VEA1012n

Fume Hood Stainless Steel

type : VEA1014n

Fume Hood (Mild Steel)

type : VEA1015n

Grossing Table Complete S.S.with Exhaust

type : VEA1016n

Hand Centrifuge, Economy

type : VGL1301

Hand Centrifuge, Heavy

type : VGL1302

Centrifuge, Economy, Round Type

type : VGL1303

Clinical Centrifuge, Economy

type : VGL1304

Centrifuge, Economy

type : VGL1305

Centrifuge, Digital RPM, Economy

type : VGL1308

Centrifuge, Digital RPM and Timer, Economy

type : VGL1309

Centrifuge, Spin Top, Digital, 10000 rpm

type : VGL1312

Doctor Centrifuge Machine, Brushless, Digital, 3000 rpm

type : VGL1313

Centrifuge Machine Digital, 5200 r.p.m

type : VGL1314

Bench Top Lab. Centrifuge (Brushless Motor), 5000 r.p

type : VGL1315
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