Spatulas, Tongs & Stirring Rods

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Beaker Tong

type : VGL1057n

Furnace Tong-Stainless Steel

type : VGL1059n

Crucible Tong, Straight

type : VGL1060n

Flask Tong

type : VGL1061n

Mercury Tong

type : VGL1062n

Spatula, Plastic

type : VGL2001n

Spatula, Student,Laboratory, One Side Flat, One Side Spoon

type : VGL2003n

Spatula, Superior, Laboratory, One Side Flat, One Side Spoon

type : VGL2004n

Spatula, Both Side Flat

type : VGL2005n

Spatula, One Side Flat, One Side Pointed

type : VGL2006n

Spatula, Chattaway (Micro)

type : VGL2007n

Spatula, Nuffield Pattern

type : VGL2008n

Spatula with Plastic Handle

type : VGL2009n

Spatula, Palette Knife

type : VGL2010n

Spatula, Micro

type : VGL2011n

Spatula , Scoop Type

type : VGL2012n

Micro Scoop

type : VGL2015n
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