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Copper Calorie Meter

type : VHT-1001

Pascal Ball Experiment-Water Pressure all Directions

type : VHT-1004

Steam Engine working model

type : VHT-1007

Conductivity of metal Strip,Ring Apparatus

type : VHT-1008

Hope's Apparatus

type : VHT-1008

Copper Voltamete

type : VHT-1010

Joules Calorimeter

type : VHT-1012

Hydraulic Press, Fluid Pressre Apparatus

type : VHT-1014

Pendulum BoB, Set of Six Pattern

type : VHT-1017

Metal Cube, Set of Six

type : VHT-1019

Calorie Meter Block, Aluminium with 2 Holes

type : VHT-1021

Spirit Lamp jointless capacity for onz

type : VHT-1022

Steam Boiler, Jointless, Copper

type : VHT-1025

Steam Heater, Jointless, Made of Copper

type : VHT-1027

Bar & Gauge Apparatus, Brass

type : VHT-1029

Compound Metal Strip, Black Handle

type : VHT-1031

Ring and Ball Apparatus, All Brass

type : VHT-1033

Hooks Law Apparatus, Stand with Glass Scale

type : VHT-1034

Hypsometer, Copper

type : VHT-1038
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