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Heat Transfer

type : VEC-P-1575

Refraction of Light

type : VEC-P-1576

Reflection of Light

type : VEC-P-1577

Uses of Electricity in Daily Life

type : VEC-P-1578

Types of Thermometers

type : VEC-P-1579

Chromatic Aberrations & Their Remedies

type : VEC-P-1580


type : VEC-P-1581

Optical Telescope

type : VEC-P-1582

Davisson & Germer Experiment

type : VEC-P-1583

Carnot Cycle

type : VEC-P-1584

Lasers-Basic Principle

type : VEC-P-1585

Elasticity-Hooke's Law

type : VEC-P-1586

Michelson's Interferometer

type : VEC-P-1587

Particle Accelerator-Cyclotron

type : VEC-P-1588

Nuclear Radiation Detectors

type : VEC-P-1589Aal

Nuclear Radiation Detectors

type : VEC-P-1589Bal

Photoelectric Effect

type : VEC-P-1590

Origin of X-Rays

type : VEC-P-1591

Dispersion of Light

type : VEC-P-1592

Polarisation of Light

type : VEC-P-1593

Light Interference

type : VEC-P-1594

Images Formed by Lenses

type : VEC-P-1595

Images Formed by Mirrors

type : VEC-P-1596

Kirchoff's Laws

type : VEC-P-1597


type : VEC-P-1598

Logic Gates

type : VEC-P-1599

Transistor Characteristics

type : VEC-P-1600
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