Hand Tools and Related Items

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Bolt Cutter

type : VLT1020n

Screw Driver, Plastic Handle (Flat Type)

type : VLT1036n

Screw Driver, Plastic Handle (Flat Type)

type : VLT1037n

Spanner, Double Ended Open Jaw

type : VTL1001n

Spanner, Bihexagonal Ring

type : VTL1002n

Spanner, Four Way Wheel

type : VTL1003n

Spanner, Angular Wheel

type : VTL1004n

Wrench, Pipe, Stillson Type

type : VTL1008n

Wrench, Adjustable

type : VTL1009n

Wrench, Chain Pipe

type : VTL1010n

Plier, Combination

type : VTL1011n

Plier, Long Nose

type : VTL1012n

Plier, Slip Joint

type : VTL1013n

Plier, Side Cutting

type : VTL1014n

Plier, Locking

type : VTL1015n

Plier, Cirlip, Internal Straight

type : VTL1016n

Plier, Cirlip, Internal Bent

type : VTL1017n

Plier, Water Pump

type : VTL1018n

Plier, Top Cutter

type : VTL1019n

Pincer, Carbon Steel, with Dip Sleeve

type : VTL1020n

Wire Stripper & Cutter

type : VTL1021n

Cutter With Disposable Blades

type : VTL1022n

Bolt Cutter

type : VTL1023n

VTL1024 Hammer, Sledge

type : VTL1024 Hammer, Sledge

Hammer, Cross Pein

type : VTL1025n

Hammer, Ball Pein

type : VTL1026n

Hammer, Claw

type : VTL1027n
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