Agri Electronics/Analytical Instruments

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type : 6001 A-B-C

Digital Soil Moisture Meter

type : 6002 A-B

Fruit Firmness Tester

type : 6003A

Fruit Firmness Tester

type : 6003B

Fruit Firmness Tester

type : 6003C

Fruit Hardness Tester

type : 6003D

Fruit Pressure Tester (Fruit Firmness)

type : 6003E

Digital Multifuncation Meter

type : 6005

Digital Conductivity Meter

type : 6005C

Digital Intelligent pH Meter

type : 6005P

Pocket Digital pH Meter

type : 6005PC

Digital Pocket Conductivity Meter

type : 6006


type : 6007 A-B-C


type : 6007D


type : 6007E

Plastic Universal Sizer

type : 6008 C-D-E

Aluminum Pocket Sizer

type : 6008A

Aluminum Pocket Sizer

type : 6008B

Big Diameter Sizer

type : 6008F

Small Fruit Sizer

type : 6008G

Table Grape and Small Fruit Sizer

type : 6008H

Cherry Sizer

type : 6008I

Lemon Sizer

type : 6008J

Peach Sizer

type : 6008K

Peach Linear Sizer

type : 6008L

Orange Sizer

type : 6008M

Apple linear sizer

type : 6008N
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