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Balance, Double Pan, Physical

type : VBW1001

Balances, Chemical

type : VBW1002

Balance, Analytical

type : VBW1003

Balance, Dial type

type : VBW1004

Balance, Double Beam

type : VBW1005

Balance, Double Pan, General Purpose, hanging Type

type : VBW1006

Balance, Lever

type : VBW1007

Balance, Single Pan, Beam Type

type : VBW1008

Balance, Triple Beam

type : VBW1009

Balance, Counter

type : VBW1010

Double Pan Balance(Roberval Type)

type : VBW1011

Pedestal Scale

type : VBW1012

Circular Spring Balance

type : VBW1031

Spring Balance Double

type : VBW1032

Spring Balance Single

type : VBW1033

Spring(Newton) Balance Round Type, with Transparent Tubular Acrylic Body(Euro Design)

type : VBW1034

Spring(Newton) Balance, flat type

type : VBW1035

Spring(Newton) Balance, Push Pull Type(Dynamometer)

type : VBW1036

Spring(Newton) Balance, Round Type with Double Tubular Aluminium Body

type : VBW1037

Spring(Newton) Balance, round Type with Tubular Metal Body

type : VBW1038

Spring(Newton) Balance, Round Type with Tubular Nylon Body

type : VBW1039

Spring(Newton) Balance, Round Type, with Transparent Tubular Acrylic Body

type : VBW1040

Analytical Balance, 65gm/0.1mg , Internal Calibration

type : VBW1051/1y

Analytical Balance, 120gm/0.1mg , Internal Calibration

type : VBW1051/2y

Analytical Balance, 220gm/0.1mg , Internal Calibration

type : VBW1051/3y

Analytical Balance, 301gm/0.1mg , Internal Calibration

type : VBW1051/4y

Analytical Balance, 320gm/0.1mg , Internal Calibration

type : VBW1051/5y
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