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'Vaiseshika' NABL Accredited Laboratory

type : Calibration Lab


type : CC-2258


type : CC-2258

Electro Technical

type : CC-2258

Tinsley Stabaumatic Potentiometer

type : STANDARD-1

Tinsley Precision Non-Inductive Standard Resistors

type : STANDARD-2

Power Supplies from Applied Electronics Limited (APLAB), Thane

type : STANDARD-3

Digits Digital Multimeter AGILENT, from Hewlett Packard, USA

type : STANDARD-4

Dry Block Temperature Calibrator, from Dr. Siebert & Kuhn GmbH & Co., Kaufungen, Germany

type : STANDARD-5

Universal Calibrating Machine with Proving Ring and Ring Force Gauges, from Morehouse Instrument Company, York, Pennsylvania, USA

type : STANDARD-6

Morehouse Calibration Grade Load Cells with Indicator

type : STANDARD-7

DMM 4 ¾ Digits Multimeter, from RISHAB

type : STANDARD-8

Digital Weighing Balance

type : STANDARD-9
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